Ultimate Knife Grip

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Chef Cameron Selogie Chef/Owner of IL Vinaio restaurant Mesa,AZ


"Ultimate Knife Grip" is a stunningly simple, yet invaluable tool in my kitchen. It is not only more comfortable, but is actually speeds up prep, by providing a more reliable grip. The only problem was my trial grip kept disappearing into my Sous' knife bag!

Cameron Selogie,
Owner/Executive Chef
il Vinaio Restaurant

I met Brad Scobey at a party he was catering, and saw him using his Ultimate Knife Grip. I was so impressed with how well it worked (when holding a Chef's knife properly), that I will be purchasing some for my cooking class this Fall. "Ultimate Knife Grip" will help me teach the proper technique of holding a Chef's knife which will increase my students knife skills. Nice designed product Brad!

Cooking Instructor,
Elsa H.

My friend Brad Scobey, introduced his Ultimate Knife Grip to me while I was slicing zucchinis. I was amazed how effortless it was to use! The grip's flanges made it easy to hold the knife without exerting a lot of pressure. I didn't experience the pain in my finger or wrist that I normally do when using my Chef's knife. Nice going Brad, this one is a winner!

Gratefully Yours,
Linda C.

I met Brad Scobey, at a party we were working at. He let me use his Ultimate Knife Grip, to cut up chicken. What a difference "Ultimate Knife Grip" made! It was easy on my finger (I would've had a blister if I hadn't been using his product). I didn't have to hold the knife as tightly as I'm used to because of "flanged" design. It increased the efficiency of my cuts, by using my fingers and keeping them comfortably in place. Great Product!

Chef Eric A.

Brad Scobey let my daughter (18yrs. old) and I use his Ultimate Knife Grip to chop up some vegetables. I was very impressed how easily my daughter was able to use a Chef's knife with "Ultimate Knife Grip" and how consistent her cuts were. I used it, without experiencing any discomfort! I'm looking forward to seeing them on the market and buying some for my daughter's kitchen collection.
Fabulous idea!

Bobby A.

I worked with Brad Scobey, at a party we were catering. He gave me his Ultimate Knife Grip to use while I was chopping up vegetables. It worked Great! I would have normally developed a blister (on my index finger) if I wasn't using "Ultimate Knife Grip". I can't wait to add them to my knife kit!

Chef Monica B.

I love to cook and I do a lot of chopping! I've endured blisters and sores from the sharp top edges near the handle of my Chef's knife. "Ultimate Knife Grip" is a brilliant product that really works. So simple and effective. Thank You!

Joe M.